About Us

We are creating positive, inspiring environments where students can re-engage with education.


Silver Bridge School takes a creative, individualised approach to learning, centred around well-being and skills for independence.


We have a commitment and passionate belief that through building trust and rebuilding confidence, every young person can reach his or her full potential.


Silver Bridge School aims to help students to overcome their individual challenges and achieve personal and academic growth. From the time they arrive, we start thinking about where students will be moving to after they leave us to ensure they are well prepared to achieve their goals and succeed

Who are we

Silver Bridge School is part of the Spaghetti Bridge Group

We’re a group of passionate educationalists who have been teaching assistants, teachers, head teachers, and multi-site leaders for schools that have supported children who have additional barriers to learning.

We’ve learned about positive methodology and used this to lead outstanding schools but have never been able to have the absolute freedom to try all of the ideas that we’ve had.

There are aspects to the education system that we feel don’t work for many children for which we would like to change.

Our solution was to set up a new schools group that was built on innovation and research.

We want to try new things, to challenge the status quo of the education system and to positively influence the future ways that things are done.

We passionately believe that all children can achieve and that with the right approach, barriers to progression can be overcome and that everyone can aspire to have a happy and fulfilling life in adulthood.

The Ripple Effect

We challenge the status quo and ask our staff, our leaders, to unlearn what they have learned – to usher in a new and progressive approach to education

We want to influence others to ‘think differently’ about education, to learn about some of the approaches that we know are working well for us, so that other children and young people, who we may never even meet have a better educational experience and progress to have a happier and more fulfilled life.